Receiving online international payments

Receiving online international payments in countries with no PayPal

Receiving online international payments in countries with no PayPal

Receiving online international payments in countries with no PayPal is a nightmare for most people. PayPal makes the process easy, but if your region isn’t supported this can become a mammoth task. Working online enables you to get clients even from overseas. Many people are used to services like Western union. Western union is good but in some instances it has its flaws. The charges can be prohibiting at times & i had to look for alternatives.  In a lot of countries including mine Zimbabwe, we don’t have the privilege to receive payments via PayPal. If a relative or client wants to send you money from across the globe they have limited options.



Whether you are a business owner, professional or freelancer, Payoneer offers you multiple ways to get paid by your international clients and global marketplaces – quickly, securely and at low cost“This is what their home page states & they surely keep their word.

After you apply, the MasterCard should be in your hands after about 3 weeks. You can use it just like any other MasterCard, at ATMs, Point of Sales(POS) or even making online purchases. The major setback with their card is  you cant load it directly, you have to receive a payment. If the payer is a member of Payoneer network they can simply transfer to you from their balance. If they don’t have an account and are not willing to open one, don’t despair. Simply signup on Envoice create a digital invoice there and send it to them. Your client will receive an email which will give them options to pay using their credit card. Another thing worth mentioning about Payoneer is:

It will give you a virtual bank account in the regions below.

  • United States (USD) / Transferred via ACH
  • Europe (EUR) / Transferred via SEPA
  • United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales (GBP) / Transferred via BACS and FPS
  • Japan (JPY) / Transferred via Zengin
  • China (CNH) / Transferred via CNaps
  • Australia (AUD) / Transferred via Direct Entry (BECS)
  • Canada (CAD) / Transferred via EFT

You can apply-for-their-mastercard-here


Get airtime via

Did you know you can easily receive airtime from almost any country using . I highly recommend this method as you will get your airtime normally within 20 mins. If you are the recipient all you have to do is wait for your recharge, there is no form for you to fill. The payer simply goes to the website and purchases the airtime or data then its sent to your mobile phone. They support a large number of mobile carriers. You can check here if yours is covered. Most people would prefer getting strictly cash but sometimes half a loaf is better than nothing. In countries with MTN service or something similar you can easily convert that airtime to cash. If you are from a region without this kind of service & you really need cash then you just have to sell that airtime to someone locally.

Wrapping it up

I hope this will solve your problem of Receiving online international payments. These two methods are my favorite but there are alternatives you could also try. If you have any problems with the methods mentioned here & need more options, just say so in the comments section below and i will try to assist you. Please remember its also your duty to protect yourself against online fraud each time!

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