Simple solutions for your iPhone charging problem

Simple solutions for your iPhone charging problem

Everyone loves owning an iPhone but again, no one enjoys some of the frustration which comes with it. One of the most frustrating problems an iPhone user can face is when the gadget suddenly refuses to charge.  Today we are going to explore some of the simple solutions for your iPhone charging problem that can save you a lot of cash if followed well. To start with most iPhone users think that when their iPhone suddenly stops charging the problem is the battery. Well, it may be but it is not only the problem. Considering how expensive an iPhone battery is and how difficult it is to get an original one I would not recommend anyone to do that immediately, in fact, this should be the last portion after the following options fail of which from experience they hardly fail. Amazing right so let’s get started.


  • Check the Lightning Cable


iPhone lightning cable Simple solutions for your iPhone charging problem

Some may wonder what this is, well this is just jargon used by Apple referring to your power cable. Check if the cable is not damaged. Sometimes it is hard to tell so I recommend you check with a friend who has an iPhone. You may also need to check your adapter or the port being used. Remember you need to make sure all other things are working before tempering with the iPhone itself.  If you find out that your lightning cable is working then you need to try the next option explained below.



  • Check the Charging Port of your iPhone


iPhone Charging port

Most people never suspect this because the cable will be fitting well. But remember your phone is exposed to small debris, dust, and some other small particles while in your pocket or bag. These particles will prevent your iPhone from charging and since I don’t want this post to be technical I will explain the reason in one of our future posts. So what you simply need is a sharp object preferably money clip, and cotton wool. Gently pock out the debris from the port. If you see debris coming out clean out the port with the cotton wool. Try charging and you might have saved yourself a few bucks.


  • Hard Reset Your iPhone

DIY Tool kit

One thing interesting to note about an iPhone is that there is a software that makes it charge. If the software stops working or crashes for some reason, your iPhone will fail to charge.

In that case, a hard reset would solve the problem but like we always say, never forget to back up all your information to your cloud account as you risk losing everything. You can find some simple steps to reset your iPhone at home.


How To Hard reset your iPhone:

Phone How To Hard Reset
iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, SE, and older models Press and hold the power button and the Home button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen, and then let go.
iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Press and hold the power button and the volume down button together until the Apple logo appears on the screen, and then let go.
iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR There are three steps: 1. Quickly press and release the volume up button. 2. Quickly press and release the volume down button. 3. Press and hold the power button (called the “side button” on iPhone X) until the Apple logo appears on the display, and then let go.


Apple tech tip: The #1 mistake people make while trying to hard reset their iPhone is that they don’t hold the buttons down for long enough. On iPhone 8 and X, however, make sure you are pressing the first two buttons very quickly and holding the power button down for a long time. Sometimes the process can take 20 seconds or more!


  • When all fails there is always a way!

If the above fail which is rare, then you may need to check the condition of your phone and return it back to Apple. If the phone was damaged iPhone will replace the phone! But not everyone can do that particularly those who stay in Sub-Saharan Africa, then, in that case, visit the nearest Apple store or technicians and if you are In Bulawayo then TramsTech will be more than willing to bring back your dear iPhone to life again!


Final Thoughts!

When your iPhone stops charging, It is not always the case that you have to consult the technician. Some simple solutions that could save you a couple of bucks can be done at home. We hope that you find this guide with Simple solutions for your iPhone charging problem helpful.

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