9 profitable tech based businesses you could consider


Here is a list of 9 tech based businesses you could consider venturing into. In this 21st century, going from one firm to the other looking for jobs is kind of outdated now. You need to go into business and there are some things to consider before starting a business or at least tome things to look at in order to become a successful entrepreneur . The 21st century has given us the package called the internet which has several free easy to use tools for business growth. Some of these ideas are not necessarily business ideas but can help you make money as a freelancer.


  • Online store

One of the interesting trends in the technology space happens to be the online shopping craze, and that in its self means that there is so much money to be made in the online sales business. Starting an online store does not take much, and it is easier than what most people think. The tricky part of this business is getting a way in which your customers could pay you, though solutions such as payoneer , spectrocoin and many more other options.

  • Web design business


Businesses are now going digital, and a website is now a must have for every business. Every business needs a tool that boosts their online presence and this could make them stand out, from the rest. Businesses have come to understand how important a website is, but they might not be willing to hire someone to do work for them permanently and so they choose to engage with other businesses capable of providing Web design and web development services. You could position yourself in such a way that you provide this service such that your customers find a perfect balance between a cheap service and good quality design, just like how we at tramstech do it. (For more you can find our packages here .)


  • Insurance

One of the things we need to realize is that, there is no business that can not be done online. Just as companies in other industries have gone digital, not to be outdone is the Insurance industry. Depending on your location and rules and regulations in your country that govern business activity or other activities such as insurance coverage, Insurance could be another profitable business that can be taken to the online platforms, and advertising would be way easier for an online company rather than a physical one. Though the problem with this one is reliability and security, but we know it’s possible to have these companies running online. Only your creativity and regulations in your country restrict your activities.


  • Software design

The software design and development industry is one other rapidly growing industry among others. Technology makes our life way easier, and that means software designers and developers can utilize this tool to make money. Should you be a software engineer, you can develop solutions for different companies and sell your solutions to them, and make money.


  • Graphics design

I know a lot of people making money out of their graphics designing talent. The beauty of this business is that, you do not necessarily need to be in the same location as your client, meaning that this business knows no boundaries. Graphics design is a broad industry, as it allows you to design company logos, flyers, business cards etc. You could be a great artist or a group of artists that are talented and looking into monetizing your talent, graphics design could be your best business venture.


  • Blogging

In as much as some people enjoy writing, they could make some money out of it. Though this is not a business idea, but more of like freelance work, these people should make use of their talent or what they enjoy doing, to make money. Should you be interested in making money blogging, there are several networks you can use to monetize your writings. Monetize your blog, you could sign up for ad networks such as PopAds, Adsense etc. Though It is recommended that you test different networks to see which on works for you best.


  • Search Engine Optimization

This is just one other tool which publishers could use for them to be easily found on the World Wide Web Read more. Having said that, what we learn here is that, If you are good with this tool, you could setup an online company that solves this problem for people and make money out of it. Many people find it hard to make use of this tool and so it is good to take advantage of this. Making money of going into business is all about doing what most people can not do after all.


  • Selling digital media business

Among the several online tools and opportunities available at our disposal, selling digital media such as ebooks, audio books etc. can be really profitable. There are several online groups that allow users to sell online media, and for an example people could Check out This group, and you could be selling ebooks soon as well and making money. Because of this technologically advanced world we live in, we know no boundaries in our sales anymore.


  • Photography

Photography happens to also feature in this list. Nowadays Photography has been highly paying, and the beauty of it is that most photographers do it for the fun, or for the love of photography. It is actually recommended to do something that gives you money and you happen to enjoy what you do. Photography is not only limited to taking pictures of people, but also taking photographs of buildings, animals etc. and selling on networks like Shutter stock.



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