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Our story

Tramstech is a private company based in Zimbabwe, which was founded and is owned by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas, vision, aspirations and dreams on a piece of paper. The Company was registered in August 2017 as Eloquent Technologies (PVT) LTD and the company’s core business being Smart Home Solutions. Tramstech has developed over the years, and is now providing innovative and creative solutions to dozens of individuals and businesses worldwide. 

Some of the Products and services the company offers include (but not limited to) the following: Internet of Things (Home and Industrial Automation), Website Development, Website Hosting.

We are committed to handling every project from start to finish, and we thrive to do our job to customer satisfaction at the right time. We have acquired experience and fine tuned our capabilities and skills, and we are ready to face the challenges ahead.

The Executives

Moha Nkossie

Co-Founder & CEO

He holds a Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and is currently furthering his studies in Information and Communication Systems Engineering. He is a visionary and knows how to get things done nomatter the cost.

Tawanda Gijima

Co-founder & CFO

He holds a Degree in Civil and Water Engineering and has vast experience in the International Trade industry as he has worked for an international organisation as a Program Assistant for Science Program.

Tapiwa Muriyamwe

Co-founder & cpo

Web developer, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketer, Electronics hobbyist and entrepreneur. Technology and business blogger. He's also interested also in Mathematics, Science and Engineering.

Dale Banda

Co-founder & CTO

Interested in Web design, Internet of Things, Electronics and Digital Marketing. He also blogs on Science and Technology and he is always trying to learn something new each day. 

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