fire from ice

How to make fire from ice


One of the things that might startle you today is the fact that it’s actually possible to make fire from ice. Why would someone want to use ice to start a fire in the first place? The answer is very simple, perhaps you went out camping, you are stranded and the only thing you have at your disposal is ice. Firstly you need to understand the science of lenses. You can get a lens from a magnifying glass, binoculars, camera, telescopic sights etc. In this article we make our own lens using ice.

How a lens works

There are basically 2 types of lenses, Concave and Convex. To start a fire we need to understand lens’s ability to bend (refract) a beam of light.

convex and concave lens

Convex lens

This is a lens in which both surfaces are curved so that a beam of light passing through it is brought to a point or focus.

Concave lens

It is a diverging lens. When parallel rays of light pass through a it, the refracted rays diverge so that they appear to come from one point called the principal focus.


The lens of Interest to us is the Convex lens because it’s easier to use for this purpose.

convex lens




  • Find or create clear ice that is at least 15 cm long and about 7.5 cm thick. The bigger the ice the better. If you cant find clear ice then you create your own.

Regular ice comes out opaque when gasses dissolved in the water get trapped and forced into tiny bubbles, or when ice freezes in a way that doesn’t allow large crystals to form. Start with already distilled water. Boil the water twice. Boiling removes air bubbles from the liquid, allowing the water molecules to stick together even harder in the freezer. After boiling the first time, allow the water to cool, then boil again. Keep the cooling water covered to prevent any dust from collecting on the surface. Pour the water into a mold that has dimension almost equal or greater than those we mentioned above. Wait until the ice freezes then:


  • Shape the ice into a convex lens : You can use a knife for this and please make sure you don’t carve the ice till its too small for its intended purpose.


  • Position the shaped ice in sunlight : The angle the ice makes with the sun should be such that you get a shiny point where the suns rays are converging.

fire from ice

 Fire from ice

After doing all that, you are are now pretty close to creating fire from ice. Add splinters, dry grass or any flammable object at the focal point (point shown by arrow). This is where the fire will start. Hold the lens over the same spot until the tinder begins to smoke. Gently blow on the tinder until it turns into flame.

Wrapping it up

Tramstech believes that Smart Technology is for Smart People and that Smart people learn something new each day. We hope this article helped you learn and please let us know if you successfully start a fire from ice.

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  • The article is informative and educative, although, seems deduced from primary physics.Infracted rays of the sun light passes through the convex shaped ice and converges at the focal point at which the light becomes very shinny indicating high energy which eventually ignites fire. The process simply trapped the heat energy from the sun light to ignite fire.

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