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how to make money from home in 10 simple ways

How to make money from home in 10 simple ways

Most people have been looking for this magic formula to make money from home. The truth of the matter however is that there is no universal formula for making money from home. In this article we outline some of the ideas of how to make money from home in 10 simple steps. I can not guarantee though these steps will be applicable in every situation. Most articles will however suggest their ideas work for anyone, but the truth of the matter is, situations are different and so some ideas work in some environments and will not work in some.


The importance

The normal blueprint society teaches us, dictates that one has to “learn”, get good grades, get a job, spend and save for retirement. But the problem is that this blueprint does not guarantee success and financial independence. This blueprint has however been modified to work in different environments, but the truth being, This blueprint alone does not work. It has flaws in it. We the recommend people to get or create additional streams of income. These additional streams happen to be Home business ideas, or ideas that can be done from home.


Making money from home: The Ideas


    • Selling old Items – When you look around your home, you might just be surprised to find some old gadgets, old clothes that you do not need any more. These could be source of money if you want to do something. You can not depend on this source for continuous or guaranteed income to live on. This is just good if you want to raise money to buy some small things.


    • Online store – As we mentioned in our article 9 profitable businesses you could consider, Setting up an online store could be profitable though you need to learn some of the basics (just like in any business). The beauty of this business is that, this is something that can be done from home. You do not need to set up a physical shop to make your sales. This is a growing trend and so just like in any trend, those who benefit the most are early adopters. On your online store there are a lot of things you can sell, though you need to select your niche first.


    • Selling DIY products – Do It Yourself (DIY) products are also increasing in popularity. So many DIY kits available on the internet, and so you can choose to buy these kits to build a system that will solve a problem you have identified. If you can solve your own problem, chances are someone else has that problem that needs your solution. making money is mostly about creating solutions after all. Some DIY ideas you could monetize, range from Crafty DIY Rope Bowls, DIY Pallet Plaques, Pencil Holders, Coat hangers etc.DIY


    • Blogging – Blog writing can be done from home, and depending on the amount of traffic you get, monetizing is not so difficult. You could use ad networks like PopAds, Adsense etc. This idea is great if you own a blog and you have traffic that is large enough. Making money from this method takes a lot of hard work unless you already have a following.


    • Sell your skill – Should you be a graphics designer, web developer or photographer, you should be able to sell your skill. It is possible to make money if you have any of these skills. Should you be a graphics designer, consider designing flyers and business cards and make money. Or should you be a web developer, you could develop websites for companies, startups, individuals, artistes etc. You just need to know what you are good at or learn the new skill and make money out of it. Also money can be made from teaching any of these skills to others, at the comfort of your home.


    • Affiliate Marketing – This is a great way of making money from home. There are several affiliate networks available online. As we mentioned in one of our articles, how affiliate marketing can be profitable. We mentioned that some companies and websites offer a chance for people to make money while advertising their products. You can read more about it in How to make money online Like a Boss.


    • Supplementary lessons – Some call them extra lessons, but I chose to call them supplementary lessons. We are not all gifted intellectually. And it’s not all of us who are fast learners. Parents have figured this out and are willing to pay for those lessons if their children need these lessons. This is a chance to make money, teaching students some problem subjects such as mathematics and science during your own spare time. The beauty is that you need not to be a qualified teacher to do this and this can be done from home.


    • Gadget repairs – Many a time have I made money out of fixing dead appliances from home. From personal computers, to radios, to washing machines. If you know how to fix these appliances you could make money from home fixing people’s appliances and gadgets. Though we recommend you first check out any rules and regulations in your location regarding this practice.



    • Social media management – The reason why this made it into this list is simple. I know a lot of people who are making money out of this practice. Some companies and business owners are too busy doing other stuff, and have no time for social media. They do how ever understand the importance of social media and the impact it has on their business. Some businesses will the hire people to manage their social media presence. It might be hard to find such jobs though, but thanks to sites like upwork, finding these jobs is not as hard as you think. Most of us are use social media platforms for unproductive things, why not try this out. Use your expertise to make a little extra income.


    • Investing – This one needs one to have some money to invest. Though It’s not only money that can be invested. In this article we look at some investments we could make, that make us wiser. The moment someone mentions the term “invest”, most of us think of real estate. If you have the money to invest in real estate then why not, you will make a lot of money there. The kind of investments I’m referring to here are small investments. For you to make it to the top you have got to start somewhere anyway. You could invest in a printer, photocopiers, a computer to type and print people’s documents. The point is, buy an “asset”, that will generate income for you while you sit at home.

TAKE NOTE: By asset I’m referring to something you buy and will generate income for you.



Most of the time money is made from what you love, or what you are really good at doing, not “WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO BECAUSE YOUR BOSS SAID YOU SHOULD DO IT”. For more ideas and suggestions drop a comment in the comment box. Or get in touch with the author on Twitter or on Facebook. Do not forget to also share this content with those who need this information. You can also check out some of our interesting articles such as How to easily make over $100 a month. Thank you for your time. We hope you found this helpful. Remember to share this article with others. Let us know your thoughts. Suggest other topics you want us to write on.

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