How to make money online like a Boss


How to make money online Like a boss


Many a time have people asked me to write about how to make money online, so here it is. Several times have we searched for how to make money online, but honestly, the internet is full of methods and tricks that do not work. In this article we are going to explore some of the options people have and what works, not forgetting the possible problems to look out for. There are many ways of making money online. I think there is no one universal formula though, so you choose what works for you. Feel free to drop a comment on this article in the comments section below, or Via my Twitter profile.


  • Webinars

    A webinar can be defined as a meeting or a seminar that is conducted over the Internet. These can be seen as a great way to share information on real-time basis, and provides a platform for those with influence to make money. If you have influence or you are an expert in your field, It is easy to make people sign-up for your webinar, at a fee. This tool can be seen as a tool for marketing, while training participants. Soon at tramstech we will be conducting our own webinar, topics are still open for suggestion. Affiliate marketers are another group of people who use this tool a lot.



  • Affiliate

    – Some companies and websites offer a chance for people to make money while advertising their products. This can be seen as probably the cheapest way of advertising, and its effective because you only pay for products sold and the payment isn’t fixed, but commission based. Affiliate marketers are the individuals who take this opportunity to make money. In the event that you so decide to make money via this route, It is advisable to do a background check before you apply for these programs. How this can be done is simply through doing a google search, where you can find the reviews. As an affiliate marketer you need (in most cases) to have a website or a blog, where you will share your referral links.


  • Selling digital media

    – This an easy way to make money online. This can be done through affiliate links, or as an affiliate. Because of the advent of the Internet, selling has been made easy. Most Successful entrepreneurs have made money through selling digital media. Most commonly sold online are e-books and audio books and these have been successful for many entrepreneurs online. The easiest way of making money selling digital media, is sales through your well designed and developed website. It is good and recommended practice to invest in a well designed website because a website can be a great tool for making money, and to enhance your online presence.


  • Adverts

    – After a website or a blog has been made available, and you have traffic, its time to put adverts. It is common practice among bloggers and website owners to make money out of ads. You also can monetize your traffic, and its very easy. What you need to do is to sign-up on ad networks like PopAds and google ad-sense. One problem we have faced with this method is that, sometimes people do not click on adverts. Remember you get paid based on how many people clicked on the ads displayed on your site. Should you have any suggestions, I will be happy to hear them, please drop a comment in the comment box or send me an email or simply find me on Twitter.


  • Upwork

    – Over the years, finding work and finding freelancers to assist has been made easy because of technology. If you go online you can find platforms like Upwork, that connect the freelancers to the people who need the services of the freelancers. Thanks to technology, users can just find work at the click of a button. You can find work and earn your money online with Upwork. Creating an account on Upwork is not hard, but it’s just simple. You can sign-up for your upwork account Here. The jobs you can find on upwork include, blogging, graphics design, logo designs, webs development etc. So you can choose a job based on what you like.


  • Forex trading

    – Trading in Forex or in Bitcoin is one risky investment. They say “In investment, high risk yields high returns”. That might not be entirely true, but If you wish to try Binary trading, forex or even bitcoin trading, you have to be one person who knows what they are doing, else you will lose a fortune. There some guides though on what to look out for on the internet, and here is an example of What you definitely need to know about bitcoin before you start trading.


In conclusion

As you probably would have noticed that this article is a continuation (sort of), of the article we wrote on the 9 profitable businesses you could consider, Some of the business and work ideas can be found on that article. Should you want to make any suggestions on what we should write about next, please feel free to contact us. Soon we will be accepting guest bloggers, and we will be happy to have you write for us. Thank you for visiting. Share this content with those that might want to know about this. Support us.

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