How to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing

How to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing

How to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing

How to unleash the power of Social Media MarketingWho doesn’t know how powerful social media is? It is no secret that we are spending a lot of our time on social media. But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to fully utilize this resource. In this article, we explore, how to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing. We wrote about how we have seen the opportunities presented by the advent of the Internet, and Social Media Marketing just has to be one of the opportunities.



This is one of the ways in which entrepreneurs should exploit the power of technology. Social media marketing is like a game, and every other game has rules. Social media marketing also has rules, not so strict but need to be followed. Below is an outline of what you need to do, to be a good player and win.


What to do


  • Post regularly

Not only should you post regularly but also you need to be consistent.  There is no point in creating a social media account and letting it rot. It is wise to keep making relevant posts on your profile. This should keep your followers and customers interested. Always remember to use relevant hashtags as well so that your content can easily be found.


  • Know your audience’s time zones

You do not necessarily need to keep track of their time zones literally. It is good to just know the times at which you have the most people online and using that social media platform. Pattern recognition comes into play at this stage. This involves a lot of trial and error, as you make posts at different times and analyzing the statistics. The data you get at this time is very vital, as it enables you to create posting schedules. You need to be making the most posts when you have an audience.



  • Make a schedule


Scheduling work is always a good thing to do. Failing to plan is planning to fail anyway. It is the same when it comes to Social media marketing. You need to make a plan, and set goals. When you schedule your social media activity, you create time for other activities. You can at least be focusing on growth in other areas, of your business/brand.


Scheduling posts for social media marketing




  • Reviews handling

It is always good practice to allow your audience to leave reviews for your content. How you handle reviews and criticism has a great effect on your growth. Negative feedback can be used as learning points. These could point out areas you need to improve on, and that makes you a better person/company or brand. Always remember, life if 10% of what you make it, and the other 90% is how you take it.


How to start Marketing on Social Media

Below are some of the steps you need to take when you need to know how to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing.

  1. Clearly outline your goals,
  2. Take note of all the places and platforms your business can be found currently,
  3. Make a wish list of options you could include in future,
  4. Write down ideas about what you might include in those places,
  5. Write how you can encourage customers to interact with you online.




Social media marketing obviously has a lot of benefits. This is, of course, putting into account the fact that almost everyone is on at least one social media platform nowadays. There is the downside of social media as well but we realize that the benefits far outweigh the demerits. We will be looking into the demerits in the future. Below is a list of the benefits of using social media as a marketing tool.


  • Cost-effectiveness

In most cases, the costs involved in accessing social media are just limited to your data plans with your Internet Service providers and the opportunity cost. For a company to utilize this tool, other costs come into effect, such as salaries for the personnel handling the accounts. The costs associated with social media marketing are very low, as compared to using the traditional means of marketing. This means brands can tap into this opportunity to cut costs as much as possible.


  • Feedback


Social media marketing also allows marketers to gather and analyze data on a real-time basis. This is because of the possibility to get feedback from the audience in real-time. Instead of just placing an ad on the television and wait for customers, advertisers can now get to know in real-time, what the customers want and deliver just that. Businesses also get the opportunity to correct their errors, after they get their feedback from the consumers of their content.


  • Communication and networking

Communication and networking are very important in any organizational setup. There is no way you can be a brand or a business and you are not communicating. Communication can be internal or external, but in this case, we are referring to external where you have to communicate with clients. This allows you to handle customer issues easily and efficiently. This is, of course, taking into consideration the fact that the majority of people are now on social media.

Communicating with clients also allows you to be able to let them know about any interesting offers.  Should you be offering B2B services and products, Social media could also be a good place to network with those that might need your products and services. This just happens to be something to consider, when looking for ways of how to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing.


  • On the go

Social media on the goCurrently, there are more people using social media on mobile, as compared to desktops. This means businesses can now reach their customers even if they are not on their workstations.

Social media marketers need to know that most of the people in their audience are on mobile, so that means they need to focus on giving value to the mobile users. Generally, when someone uses the net on the go, they usually will be looking for quick solutions to their problems. That’s when marketers need to create mobile-friendly content.




  • Social proof

According to, social proof refers to the influence that the actions and attitudes of the people around us (either in real life or online) have on our own behavior. Social media can help build this social proof. User reviews and engagement on social media platforms can drive sales. When you have a satisfied customer, and they write a nice review o your social platform, this could have a sales driving effect, as more and more people will gain trust in your products, simply because someone else has given a review.



Final thoughts

It is good practice to invest in social media marketing campaigns. In as a much as most people log into social media for chatting, we realize that there still so so much untapped potential for doing business on these platforms. That is Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill and how to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing. For comments and recommendations, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the author via Facebook or Twitter. We would love to hear your thoughts. Remember to share this article with those that need this. You could possibly enlighten them on how to unleash the power of Social Media Marketing.

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