Money, success and the dangerous Myths to avoid

Today I would like to share my thoughts on Money, success and the dangerous myths to avoid. We all know how the world is changing now. We have new technologies meant to simplify our work, and what if we could change the way we think about money and success? Below are 9 things that we were told about money and success, which aren’t entirely true and need changing.


Money, success and the dangerous myths to avoid


  • Go to school, get good grades and prepare for your career.

Technology has simplified the way we access information. Education is no longer confined to the square room designed to instill discipline and prepare you for work in an industry where you will be taking instructions and are not allowed to think. This room we called it the classroom.

Development in tech has made it easy for anyone with an internet connection and a desire to access education. I’m of course not taking about the level where doctors or lawyers are taught online, (I’m not saying it’s impossible). We need to realize that doctor, lawyer, engineer aren’t the only good career choices, and this will make most of us do things differently.

The new economy demands a self-directed pursuit of knowledge.


  • Jack of all trades is a master of none.


Jack of all trades


Being a jack of all trades doesn’t mean you will be master of none. Being skilled in multiple areas of human experience makes for a more powerful existence.

Many of mankind’s greatest inventors were well versed in several art forms. Its always good to pursue multiple artforms and become great at several of them if not all.

Remember, understanding should always be evolving after all, else how would we grow.



  • Money isn’t everything.

Money is something we need to make all other things work. Some may argue that there are some things that don’t require money. That’s a valid argument but the truth of the matter is, yes there are other things that don’t require money but are “more” enjoyable when you have money. The money on its own is meaningless if you don’t have other things as well.

Take for the wildest imagination, or maybe not so wild of an imagination of a situation where you have a room filled with money, but you don’t have oxygen, surely that money will be useless. The point is, we need it, for instance, to go to school, buy good food, but you can have these without money! One businessman, I met recently told me that “money can buy you everything, but there are some things you can not buy, such as life and sometimes you need to pursue happiness while chasing your money”


  • Choose a career and stick to it.

Some parents force their kids to choose some careers and still to it. Some actually go to the extent of telling their children “when you grow up, I want you to be a doctor/lawyer/engineer etc.” One writer once said, “Careers are like clothes, they are disposable. They can temporarily dress us, but they will never define who we are”.

Again we mention the value you give yourself when you invest in multi-skilling of yourself. Imagine the freedom you will have when you are equipped with skills that allow you to do what you want and when you feel like. Sure I think that would be awesome.


  • Work, save and wait for retirement.

The main problem with this is that money saved will depreciate. It will not be long before inflation starts to erode what you have saved. One friend of mine once told me that “saving is for losers, investing is for the smart.”

I would strongly advise against saving because the value can be eroded from saved money. Make smart investments and spend your money, live your life today, as if there is no tomorrow. Spend as much as you want but only after making your smart investments.


  • Work hard to succeed.

Hard work

The problem with this is after you have worked hard, your energy will most probably be used up and you have no energy left to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. What if you could work smart, use machines to improve efficiency, pay people to do some of your work and reduce your workload.

Imagine how much energy you still will be having by the time you become successful, and you can still enjoy your money to the fullest.



  • For you to be wealthy you need to be educated.

Yes, you need to be educated to be wealthy but not through the usual formal route all the time. The problem with the formal route is that it teaches us to be slaves so that we will keep working for other people, whether we want or not. Financial education is what you need to be wealthy.

You also need to have an eye that sees what other people don’t see. I’m not talking about using juju or some funny science here, I mean see opportunities while others see problems. But for you to be able to do that, you need entrepreneurial education and nowadays this education can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection.


  • You need to be lucky to be wealthy.

Becoming wealthy is not tied to becoming lucky. Of course, there is always an element of chance in life, but when that chance shows up and you are not prepared, you will lose out. In most cases, wealth comes as a result of hard work (of which it must not always be that way), and in some cases, it comes as a result of working smart.


  • You need to play by the rules prescribed in the books.

Bookish information is limited. A classic example is the “book” that says if you cram you will pass and be the best student. Of cause you will pass, and seem to be the best student, but what value are you creating for your future self? What if a different book, teaches you to be a problem solver, an independent entrepreneur who knows how things work? Which one would you choose?

Jack of all trades



I was raised by people who encouraged me to know how things work, they taught me how to solve problems, and this is something we need to teach our kids as parents. Give them problem-solving skills and tell them the truth about some of the secrets of life. Imagine a generation of financially intelligent people, who know how to solve problems and make money. Problem-solving skill is a must, you could check out our other post on this matter here.

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