Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill

Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill

Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill

We all know in the 21st century everything has gone digital, and there are so many problems that can be solved using technology. As we have mentioned in our article, How entrepreneurs should exploit the power of technology, You definitely need to be equipped with digital skill. It is a fact that technology now plays important roles in our lives today, and you can read about it Here. Investing in digital skill is a good investment. Invest in digital skills development and survival in 21st-century business is easy. So here is Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill.


Digital skills


Cost cutting

Of cause, the main reason you need to learn these skills is for cost-cutting purposes. This is, of course, assuming that one has so much time at their disposal, which can be easily achieved, after all, we wrote about this in our article Secrets every leader needs to know about team success. Everyone whether in business or not wants to have some free time at their disposal. This is why it is important to learn some of these vital entrepreneurial skills. It is important to harness the amazing power of technology as entrepreneurs. Below is a list of some skills and technologies you need to learn. Please note that this list of skills and technologies is not exhaustive.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yes, I put Search engine optimization at the top because in this world we live in, the online presence of a business is vital, and visibility is a must. It is no secret that every business needs an online presence. Online presence without advertising or marketing is as good as dead. for an online presence, your content or your products have to be seen and ranked by search engines like google. This is where Search engine optimization comes in, and the need for it to be done right. We have mentioned why and you can read more on SEO can be done right. Doing this might come at a cost, but when you are an entrepreneur you can do this yourself and save a few dollars in advertising and hiring an SEO specialist. 


  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine marketing is defined as a type of digital-based marketing strategy on the internet. The advertiser pays the search engines to show their content on the search results associated with the searched keywords. It involves researching, submitting and positioning of a website within a search engine’s search results to achieve maximum visibility. Advertisers compete for advertising space in the search results associated with their niche. Search engines will then analyze how much they are willing to pay for space, and how relevant their content is to the user. This is why when we make a search on google, some results appear first with the tag (ad). The difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO is Free and SEM is paid service.


How it can be done is another lesson for another day but here are the basics.

  1. Make a list of keywords you think are relevant to your business.
  2. Have a look at them with keyword research tools like Google keyword planner.
  3. Ask yourself, how much traffic you can expect and how much that can cost.
  4. Place your ad targeting your potential customers


  • Graphics design

As we outline why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill, graphics design makes it into the list also. Of cause, we work in teams and not all of us end up designing graphics, but this is one other skill every entrepreneur needs to have. Graphics designing also has some creativity and problem-solving skill enabling effect. Graphics design also demands someone to have a good imagination, and doing that may not only be cost-effective, but also a very good brain exercise needed by entrepreneurs. It is a good idea to just take some time to learn how to use some of the graphics design programs. Afterall learning a new skill gives some gratification to the learner when they succeed, which could be a fuel to propel the learner to try new things and succeed


  • Internet usage

Digital skillsWe mentioned in our article 7 possible uses of the internet in the modern world how the internet has changed the entire business landscape. It is of paramount importance to learn how to use the internet effectively. Most people nowadays are connected to the internet but are not utilizing this resource to its full potential. Some are only after watching funny cat videos, while others are busy researching and marketing. Surely it is a good idea to take some time to relax and do what you find amusement in. In as much as you watch funny cat videos, it is also a good idea to enhance your skills. read more articles and find books to download and listen to or read. As you surf the internet ideas also pop-up and opportunities present themselves anywhere so you never know what you come across as you surf productively.


  • Opportunities

Opportunities sometimes present themselves in the most unexpected places. This is the reason why we mention them in why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill. You might just be learning how to use a certain program when you stumble upon a business idea. Great entrepreneurs are always in search for opportunities and the digital space is where some can be found. Imagine an example where you are learning how to use Adobe Photoshop, and you discover you can make a flyer easily. The next thing that pops into your mind is “I can make money out of this”. An opportunity is identified, whats next is exploitation. Explore and exploit these opportunities.


  • Trends

As we mentioned in Decision-making skills for success in life, the study of trends is fascinating. Trend analysis might be the powerful tool you have. Due to the advent of latest technologies, such as the internet, it is now easier. There are some tools on the internet that entrepreneurs could use to analyze trends. Trend analysis is a skill, which needs to be learned. Once learned it makes it easier to solve some problems. This is why it made it in this article “Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill”.


Our Final thoughts

Remember, having a few pennies saved is always a good idea. You need not to always hire someone to do it, but if your team is so small and you have no time at your disposal, hiring will not hurt. having a business and not harnessing the power of technology is wasteful. Never waste your resources when you are in business. Having an online presence but no visibility (no SEO), can be likened to a guy winking at a girl in the dark, he will never be seen, and his efforts are futile. That is Why entrepreneurs need the amazing power of digital skill. For comments and recommendations, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comment box below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the author via Facebook or Twitter. We would love to hear your thoughts. Remember to share this article with those that need this.

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  • The world has gone digital so are businesses. This article has thought on the importance of digital skills to include, getting new opportunities, cutting cost and increasing savings, innovations, generating traffic etc. The write up has educated me. thanks.

  • Alekkz Hwang says:

    Love this post! Really hit home for me right now. I’m currently researching and studying all about SEO, I’m hoping that I can really learn to get that going for my blog!

    As rewarding as it is to be an entrepreneur, sometimes when you start out, you kind of have to be a jack of all trades, right? Unless you already have lots of money, you can’t just hire experts to do everything for you although that would take the fun out of it!

    Currently, I am learning how to use: Pinterest, Instagram, and all these design apps to try and make my images flattering and gain some traffic.

    Thanks for the article, I enjoyed reading.

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