importance of technology

Why technology is important in our modern society

Importance of technology

It is no secret that from the moment you wake up each day you somehow interact with some kind of technology. In fact according to IDC Research, 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Yes we have indeed reached a point in civilization where technology is more of a need than a want. I recall losing my internet connection for 3 hours once when i was working on a crucial project, It was the worst feeling ever & it inspired me to write this article.

Well, just like anything else there are good & bad things about technology but for today i will just highlight the good part because i feel it outweighs the bad.

The fact that you are actually able to read this post from anywhere in the world is overwhelming. We have become so used to this that we may sometimes take it for granted but some men & women worked hard for us to have these devices. When you think of just punching a button on a computer we may not realize it, but loads of processes are simultaneously taking place to give the desired action.


Telecommunications and mass media have been growing by leaps and bounds.With the help of radio, telephone, satellite communication, cellular technology, wireless Internet people have been brought together from all corners of the world.


Human longevity and health have improved because of modern technology. Lasers, sonograms, enhanced medication, and non intrusive surgical tools, just to name a few have made lives last longer than they would. Not only does life extend, but people can live more comfortably, and recover from wounds and diseases that even a half a century ago would have been fatal.



The entertainment industry has benefited a lot from technology. As a results we get to enjoy movies like Black Panther with all those computer generated effects which would have been impossible to produce in the past. We also experience more electronically produced music nowadays and you don’t really need to own a guitar to produce guitar sounds, your computer can do that for you!


Most will agree that without electricity the modern technology is probably doomed. This has led Scientists into researching better ways of generating electricity & using it efficiently. Today, it can be generated through various means because of technology. Heat energy (from combustion in fossil-fuel power plants, from steam in thermal power plants and from chemical reactions in nuclear power plants) is converted into mechanical energy that drives turbines connected to an electrical generator that produces electricity. Using overhead and underground cables, the electricity can then be distributed to the smallest of households in the farthest of world’s corners.

The reasons why technology is of importance today are countless! If you feel like we left a crucial one feel free to leave it in the comments section below & please feel free to join the discussion.

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